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Re: SBLive5.1 problem

On Fri, 2005-04-08 at 11:59 +0530, Deekshit Mantampady wrote:
> Hi,
>    I am haveing a SBLive 5.1 with FC3. I am not getting my mixer
> controls properly. It simply does not work. ALSA speaker test produces
> sound only from 4 channels. It didn't produce sound from center and
> woofer. There are lot of cntrols in the mixer and I don't understand
> what to mute and what to unmute. I trie dalmost all possible
> combination and didn't work.

    Look for "Surround".  Any combination of 'wave surround' or 'pcm
surround' that's what controls the woofer/etc.  And if your unit's like
mine (Creative) there's also a surround volume built onto the line.

    I find for computer work, I like it off best...until I'm playing a
DVD or a game.

    Sad, though: you can look into the source code- you won't find an
understanding of what each slider's supposed to do.  I've even talked to
people who worked on it (a couple of years ago) and they didn't know.
Staggeringly odd.  But, with some fiddling, I'm sure you'll find which
ones control what.

    Be careful on the cryptic ones- the 3-10 "Line Drive" and/or "EMU10K
PCM3" or similar sliders- they tend to move on their own, for some
reason.  And if you figure out what an "LFE" is, let me know...

Those who entrust life and limb to Microsoft deserve neither. -Me, 2005
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