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Re: simple, searchable probably COMMON question

mindwave cfl rr com wrote:
i have defora c 3 setup on a 1200mhz duron w/ 256mb ram and 1 80 gb drive and a cdr

all is well, everything works the way it should.

howveer i tore down a win2kserver in order to set this up.

so i have 3 OTHER hd's that are formateed NTFS and have a LOT of data that i'd love to get to and manipulate from my linux box.

i COULD load them 1 by one on my xp box, copy what i need and xfer the data.

but it seems to me that there MUST be a way to slap it in set it as slave and mount it while maintaining the NTFS partitions.

unfortuantely i am aay from my pc and have limited net access to the net.

anyone w/ step by step instructions or a link to the same would be appreciated.

You're right. It's a simple, searchable and common question.


You'll be able to read the data from the NTFS partitions but not write to them (except in very limited circumstances that are unlikely to be practical for you).


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