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Re: simple, searchable probably COMMON question

Am Fr, den 08.04.2005 schrieb mindwave cfl rr com um 18:58:

> i have defora c 3 setup on a 1200mhz duron w/ 256mb ram and 1 80 gb drive and a cdr
> all is well, everything works the way it should.
> howveer i tore down a win2kserver in order to set this up.
> so i have 3 OTHER hd's that are formateed NTFS and have a LOT of data that i'd love to get to and manipulate from my linux box.
> i COULD load them 1 by one on my xp box, copy what i need and xfer the data.
> but it seems to me that there MUST be a way to slap it in set it as slave and mount it while maintaining the NTFS partitions.

> j



P.S. Please use a topic next time which says something about your

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