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Re: SBLive5.1 problem

Brian Fahrlander wrote:
On Fri, 2005-04-08 at 11:59 +0530, Deekshit Mantampady wrote:

  I am haveing a SBLive 5.1 with FC3. I am not getting my mixer
controls properly. It simply does not work. ALSA speaker test produces
sound only from 4 channels. It didn't produce sound from center and
woofer. There are lot of cntrols in the mixer and I don't understand
what to mute and what to unmute. I trie dalmost all possible
combination and didn't work.

    Look for "Surround".  Any combination of 'wave surround' or 'pcm
surround' that's what controls the woofer/etc.  And if your unit's like
mine (Creative) there's also a surround volume built onto the line.

I have a similar problem - Cannot get the front left/right speakers to work at all. Never have. The others (rear left/right, centre and woofer) work fine.

I've tried fiddling with kmix/alsamix on many occasions but never got anywhere and eventually got bored trying. In fact, it doesn't seem to make much difference at all which makes me suspect something else is controling things. What apps do you use ??

cheers Chris

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