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Re: When are KDE and KFCE getting updated in FC?

Can you give us your step by step of how to update the
KDE package?

Charles Li

--- Chris Jones <jonesc hep phy cam ac uk> wrote:
> > 
> > Compare this with the gnome situation, and you'll
> see that the FC
> > developers have a clear tendency towards gnome,
> and apparently no
> > interest whatsoever inmaking the life of KDE users
> easier. So, I still
> > recommend that "anyone who likes KDE to configure
> the kde-redhat
> > repo and update the packages right after
> installing FC, to make sure
> > the KDE is up-to-date."
> I strongly second this. I've used the "apt" part of
> kde-redhat since FC1 
> to keep my system up to date KDE wise, and rarely
> run into problems. 
> Yes, users have to understand their system and take
> some care, but its 
> not too hard.
> ... and I personally would rate KDE 3.4 enough of an
> improvement over 
> KDE 3.3 to upgrade (menu loading speed and KDM
> themes on their own would 
> do it for me...)
> Chris
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