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Re: FC3: ide tape problem with kernel 2.6.10 [SOLVED]

On Friday 08 April 2005 07:56, Craig Goodyear wrote:
>   >> I am using a Seagate STT8000A ATAPI tape drive for backup.  Prior to
> >>
> >> the kernel update to 2.6.10, tar and dump both worked without any
> >> problems using this tape drive.
> >>
> >> Since the kernel update, tar and dump appear to write the files to the
> >> tape drive: no error messages are generated during the write.
> >> However, I am not able to restore any of the backup files to the hard
> >> disk.
> >
> > I have found that I can get the tape drive to work if DMA is turned off.
> > The tape is setup as hdd during the boot process.  However, there
> > is no entry created in /dev for hdd.  The only way that I know to
> > disable DMA is for all IDE drives, using ide=nodma.  Since /dev/hdd is
> > missing, I cannot figure out a way to use hdparm.
> >
> > Is there a way to turn off the DMA for only the tape drive?
> Thanks to those who responded to my requests for help.
> Craig

We're glad the list could help you.  Now perhaps you could help the list.  
When you reply with a (SOLVED) item, would you please leave the details that 
got things working for you.  That way, the rest of us can often learn 
something also.  For instance, I have an ATAPI DDS4 tape drive in an old 
system that I plan to move to FC4.  Although the details would probably be 
somewhat different for me, your solution could well provide me with 
information and hints when I do start that project.

Thanks, Tom

Tom Taylor
registered linux #263467

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