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Re: Attn : Dave Jones Re: I just want one more option in the FC Kernels (Dave Jones)

On Fri, 2005-04-08 at 16:20, Craig White wrote:
> > 
> > Sorry, I'm just posting my observations.  I did ramble on a bit too
> > much about it, but my only complaint is about continuing to distribute
> > known bugs (and then not liking the bug reports...).
> ----
> but every release has known bugs - even updates that fix certain bugs
> contain other known bugs so the updates only fix specific known bugs and
> if you understand the theory behind Linux releases - I like to refer to
> Eric Raymond's 'the Cathedral and the Bazaar' - the point is to release
> early and often and have the community help identify and sometimes
> provide the solution to bugs.

Yes, I tried to point out that I was not complaining about the bugs
in the initial release and that I don't generally expect waiting
for the next release to be the right thing either.

> In short though - the reason that your desire about a 're-spin' of the
> ISO's is that all the known bugs aren't fixed - only some of them are
> fixed - and and this isn't about perfection, only advancement.

Yet in the releases before 9, someone at RH was able to make a
reasonable guess at when there was enough advancement to cut a
point release and historically, the X.2 versions were pretty good.

>  You
> certainly are welcome to 're-spin' the core release yourself or organize
> a group of people to help if it seems important enough to do it.

So far the machines I manage that run fedora have decent internet
connections and I can update after the install.  And I usually start
from the k12ltsp cut anyway which is a little bit ahead.  I don't
think that's the case for everyone, though.

> yeah and using this user list as a forum for fedora-development issues
> isn't as productive as pissing in the wind since pissing in the wind
> will at least empty your bladder.

It's not really what I think of as development.  Is there a
fedora-packager or iso-builder list?  

  Les Mikesell
   les futuresource com

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