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Re: [FC3] Weird problems dual-booting with XP

On Fri, 8 Apr 2005, VB wrote:

> Ever since installing FC3 on my empty partition I've
> been having problems with hard disk consistency
> restarting from Linux into Win XP.  First, anytime I
> restarted from Linux to XP I would get the Windows
> drive consistency dialogue.  That has gone away in the
> past few days and now my boot of Windows just fails at
> the Windows boot screen (with the progress bar).
> Where I can start looking for the cause of this? Has
> anyone had problems like this?

I don't think my story is the same as yours, though it does look
a bit alike. Mine was bad from the start, after linux was installed,
no more windows....   Eventually i solved it, but with a lot more
hassle than I would ever like to admit (and my thus-far flawless
linux installs have now been tarnished.....). For a full record,
see http://www.astro.umd.edu/~teuben/linux/laptop/dell-810m.html.

Had i not used parted, probably everything would have been fine.

- peter

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