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OT: cloning (copying) a HD over a network...

The hard drive is full on our server.  I can ssh into it from my
workstation.  I've got a formatted drive mounted on my workstation ready
to receive the server files.

How do I easily copy the server files to the workstation drive over our
network ?  Keep in mind that I need to preserve the file ownership,
permissions and dates.

If I had the new hard drive mounted on the server, I would use:

cp -aR /olddrive /newdrive >> logfile

I've tried using scp, but I cannot force it to preserve the file

I've tried using sftp, but I don't think it is recursive and I can't
force it to preserve attributes.

I'm trying to use tar, but I can't figure out how to make it work across
a network.  FWIW, I have sshd enabled on the server, but not on the
workstation.  I don't have nfs enabled on the server.  Can I do this
without enabling it ? 

Any hints would be appreciated. 

Kim Lux,  Diesel Research Inc.

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