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RE: Iscsi FC3 [Solved]

> To: For users of Fedora Core releases
> Subject: Re: Iscsi FC3
> Mike McGrath wrote:
>>Is anyone here successfully using an ISCSI connecter in FC3?
> Sure.  I have a test rig of FC3 talking to a volume on a Network 
> Appliance F880c.  Works peachy.

I got it working, I didn't realize there was a 2.6.x tree driver.  When
I tried to compile it I got this error:

 conflicting types for built-in function "strdup"
Which caused it not to compile.  After looking through the
linux-iscsi-users list an entry from Scott Cranston suggested replacing
all instances of "strdup" in iscsi-session.c.  Its just a hack but It
did work.  I just ran:

sed s/strdup/patchstrdup/ iscsi-session.c > iscsi-session.c.new
cp iscsi-session.c iscsi-session.c.old
cp iscsi-session.c.new iscsi-session.c

After it compiled cleanly and I could start iscsi with no problems.  


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