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Re: GUI for iptables

I gave firewall builder (fwbuilder) a try. It looks
like a superb program for those with a deep
understanding of the concepts and inner knowledge of
the ports required for every service one wishes to use
on the net (aim, msn messenger, yahoo messenger,
dict.org, web pages, secure web pages, online games
etc etc). I sat in front of it's configurations like
an ox before a mountain. In the end, I uninstalled it
and got myself a copy of Guarddog.

Guarddog has these protocols (tcp/udp, whatever all
that means, and the required ports for these) already
coded and all you have to do is open the one you want
to use up. Simple as that. The rest are closed by

Okay, my own case was not quite that cut and dried,
since I also use vmware and had to figure out how to
let vmnet1 and vnmet8 work, but that's another issue.

Guarddog is highly recommended by me and after setting
it up and subjecting it to some online security tests,
it passed with flying colours, and that for a guy who
doesn't know much about iptables and rules.

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