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Re: Loading bttv module at boot?

Thanks, I will try and remove the second line and find out if that will
load the driver.

As stated, I had tried various lines and that was one from a post on the
mythtv board.  The problem might very well be that second line.

Linux video capture interface: v1.00
bttv: driver version 0.9.15 loaded
bttv: using 8 buffers with 2080k (520 pages) each for capture
bttv: Bt8xx card found (0).
ACPI: PCI interrupt 0000:00:0b.0[A] -> GSI 3 (level, low) -> IRQ 3
bttv0: Bt878 (rev 17) at 0000:00:0b.0, irq: 3, latency: 32, mmio:
bttv0: detected: Hauppauge WinTV [card=10], PCI subsystem ID is
bttv0: using: Hauppauge (bt878) [card=10,insmod option]
bttv0: gpio: en=00000000, out=00000000 in=00ffffdb [init]
bttv0: Hauppauge/Voodoo msp34xx: reset line init [5]
tveeprom: Hauppauge: model = 44801, rev = E199, serial# = 7811059
tveeprom: tuner = <unknown> (idx = 99, type = -523763456)
tveeprom: tuner fmt = NTSC(M) (eeprom = 0x08, v4l2 = 0x00001000)
tveeprom: audio_processor = None (type = 0)
bttv0: using tuner=39
bttv0: i2c: checking for MSP34xx @ 0x80... not found
bttv0: i2c: checking for TDA9875 @ 0xb0... not found
bttv0: i2c: checking for TDA7432 @ 0x8a... not found
tvaudio: TV audio decoder + audio/video mux driver
tvaudio: known chips:
tda9840,tda9873h,tda9874h/a,tda9850,tda9855,tea6300,tea6320,tea6420,tda8425,pic16c54 (PV951),ta8874z
bttv0: i2c: checking for TDA9887 @ 0x86... not found
tuner: chip found at addr 0xc2 i2c-bus bt878 #0 [sw]
tuner: type set to 39 (LG NTSC (newer TAPC series)) by bt878 #0 [sw]
bttv0: registered device video0
bttv0: registered device vbi0
bttv0: registered device radio0
bttv0: PLL: 28636363 => 35468950 .. ok
ACPI: PCI interrupt 0000:01:00.0[A] -> GSI 11 (level, low) -> IRQ 11
[drm] Initialized radeon 1.14.0 20050125 on minor 0:
agpgart: Found an AGP 2.0 compliant device at 0000:00:00.0.
agpgart: Putting AGP V2 device at 0000:00:00.0 into 4x mode
agpgart: Putting AGP V2 device at 0000:01:00.0 into 4x mode
[drm] Loading R200 Microcode
bttv0: PLL can sleep, using XTAL (28636363).

This snippet was from dmesg when I modprobe the bttv driver.  As I said,
I do not understand why it will not load the driver on boot.  But I will
remove that one line and try again.

Thanks for everyones input.


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