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Re: What is the official/semi-official positon of Fedora on KDE?

Richard Crawford wrote:

I like Fedora a lot as well, and KDE is my desktop of choice (after finding the fish protocol yesterday -- duh -- I can't imagine going back to GNOME, even though I was a GNOME buy for years). I've found the kde-redhat project quite useful and an excellent resource, which integrates quite well with Fedora. They're currently offering KDE 3.4, which I love.

Could you explain your last comment. I ran KDE 3.4 when I brought up a new FC4t1 box. I couldn't find any remarkable differences between it and my current implementation - I found a couple of annoyances, however. The list of menu options had been cut way back, and even the Control Center was not present as an option and had to be called up by a command. I'm sure I missed things - from a read of the release notes, it seems like many of the improvements had to with accessibility, and obviously for those who need them, those features are extremely important. But, what else has been improved?

Claude Jones
Bluemont, VA, USA

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