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Re: selinux and moving squid cache to another location

Am Sa, den 09.04.2005 schrieb Jurgen Kramer um 18:32:

> I finally upgraded my aging RH9 system to FC3. I use this system as
> a squid box (among others). The squid cache is in the usual place
> under /var/spool/squid. As my root filesystem does not have enough
> room I used to mount a specific partition for squid (/dev/hda6)
> over /var/spool/squid. With RH9 this was working as a charm but with FC3
> I get the familiar selinux errors:

So /dev/hda6 is mounted with mountpoint /var/spool/squid?

> audit(1113064896.887:0): avc:  denied  { getattr } for  pid=23318
> exe=/usr/sbin/squid path=/var/spool/squid dev=hda6 ino=2
> scontext=root:system_r:squid_t tcontext=system_u:object_r:file_t
> tclass=dir
> I already tried to overcome this with a chcon command to no avail.

restorecon -Rv /var/spool/squid

> How can I use /dev/hda6 as my squid cache without turning selinux of for
> squid?

Above command should be enough.

> Jurgen


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