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Two questions: install ndiswrapper & config Nvidia drivers

First about ndiswrapper:

It says I need to have wireless-tools installed.. I noticed that up2date has updated wireless-tools... I can find man pages on wireless, iwconfig, etc... but I can't find the actual program.  I don't believe it is actually installed, and need to find out how to install it.

I also don't know what I should do about the kernel sources. There is a link in the modules directory. But ndiswrapper also wants me to start compiling the kernel source so I have the needed header files.  What should I do here?


About Nvidia drivers:

I installed the Nvidia drives from a tarball.  And the only way I could actually get opengl to install was by editing ther console.perms file and remove the lines about dri.  I then chmod-ed and chown-ed the nvidia library files.  But every time you reboot, the permissions are changed back.  My fix was to add the chmod and chown lines in the /etc/rc5.d/init.d/S99local file.

What is a better fix for this?  I've heard that my solution opens a hole in security.


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