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Re: Is there a stable version of FC4 yet?

Kumara Jayaweera wrote:
Hi all,
Is there a stable version of FC4 released for download?

There is no sure thing that FC4 will ever have a stable release. The projected release date for FC4 is set for June 6. The date is not firm though and is subject to change.

That said, FC4T2 is scheduled to come out on April 11th.

References to not a sure thing that a release will work great out of the box was the problems with X and the i810, ati and radeon card. The problem with verifying discs for FC3 when it was released. The releases are still somewhat of a snapshot of current development.

I'm running FC4T1 now and nothing really stands out except for needing to install kernel-devel in order to build modules for things like vmware and for other modules that you need to compile against the running kernel.
Screensavers have been divided into three rpms. I had to install xscreensaver-gl-extras and xscreensaver-extras post-install, the only package that was installed was xscreensaver-base, which is nothing more than enough to get a blank screen for screensavers.

Regarding packages now in core, there are fewer programs available on disc now. Some programs were moved to extras. More java packages are now available in core.

The menu structure was changed in GNOME. Also there is no choice to shutdown or reboot from the logout screen any longer.

xen for running virtual machines is included. I have not tried it, but some have gotten virtual machines going with the xen kernels.

No extreme improvements in functionality were noted with FC4T1 tests. There are things related to getting the computer to boot up quicker and starting services in parallel to speed things up.

You already now the link to the schedule. FC2 will shortly become not maintained with the release of FC4T2.


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