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Re: intelligent iptables gui's

On Saturday 09 April 2005 12:52, Claude Jones wrote:
>Gene Heskett wrote:
>> Hi;
>> I've been watching the iptables threads, hoping I'd find some
>> clues as to how to go about carving a hole a few port numbers wide
>> for bittorrents use.
>> As I also have an external router, a linksys BESFR41, I'd probably
>> have to setup something in it also, and that seems fairly clear,
>> but I've never been able to get a torrent going through it.  My
>> iptables rules ATM are fairly bulletptoof, (you cannot see me from
>> the internet other than a closed identd port) so my question is
>> this:
>> Do any of these iptables gui front ends have a preset option to
>> output a pre-canned ruleset that will pass the torrent, but still
>> maintain a reasonable level of security outside this open port
>> range that the torrent needs?
>Can't spead to FWBuilder, which I'm learning, or Guarddog, but
>FireStarter which I currently use has a policy for BitTorrent and is
>very easy to activate - in fact, I normally keep it off, and just
> turn it on when I want to use it.

Unforch, I cannot seem to make the firestarter-1.0.3.src.rpm build on 
a rh7.3 box, too many missing gnome-2 bits and pieces.  Likewise it 
fails here on this FC2 box for much the same reason (I use kde here), 
and allthough I was able to get the tarball to complete 
a ./configure, the make bails from missing header files (gnome.h is 
the first reported error) pretty quickly.

Can I trouble someone who has used it, to copy/paste the rules it sets 
up for bittorrent to an email, either to me or to the list?

Many thanks, Claude.

Cheers, Gene
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