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Re: Patching to

A few year back, I used to own some rarer hardware (an
Iomega tape backup system that required the paride
kernel modules), so I used to patch at every kernel
update. The kernels from kernel.org can be patched,
but if you are using a redhat/fedora kernel, it won't
work. I believe they have already been altered
somehow. Just download the whole kernel from
kernel.org (about 35mb, I would guess).

To patch, untar the tarball, enter the top directory,
and run: patch -p1 --verbose < ../patchname. I think
that was it.

Then: make mrproper; make xconfig; make dep; make
clean; make bzImage install modules modules_install.
Have I forgotten anything? Next time around, just
patch that one.

Sorry I can't help more, but my present hardware is
totally supported by the fedora releases, so I haven't
needed to do this for a number of years.

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