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postfix and squirrelmail with sasldb2

hey friends,

 I want to configure postfix.I have 2 catch all mailboxes with 2 different 
ISPs.I want to configure postfix in such a way that it should be able
to handle mails for
both the domains like nextegen.com and sunupdelhi.net.Now the problem is that
both the accounts require authentication with the ISP's mail server.

I have configure postfix with smtp_sasl_auth_enable and other
configurations are also done for one account.But I am not too sure how
to handle the second account.

Suppose there is a user john having mail account on the local mail
server.Whenever he
sends the mails to the outside world the local mailserver should
contact or authenticate to the ISP's mail server to send the mail
doing so  prevents the mail accounts going into the spam list. Now the
problem is that how to handle the 2 accounts as both requires

I have given relay entry for one account like relay: xxx.xxxx.xxxx
with one file created on the Linux where the user name and password
are stored for this mail account.Whenever any mail from the Local Mail
server goes to the outside world it first contacts the ISP's mail
server and then forward it to the real user account/mailbox.I am using
virtual domain for sunupdelhi.net as my local domain is different from
this domain.

I have few more queries I don't know the use of sasldb/sasldb2.I have
installed cyrus-sasl on my Linux pc and using sasldb2 for the
users.Even though some users are not part of that database but still
they are able to send mails to the outside world and within the
Lan.Can anybody tell me whether smtp_sasl_auth_enable should work
without entring the users in the sasldb2 database. The entry for
/usr/lib/sasl2/smtpd.conf is   pw_check:auxprop and mech_list:plain

Second if I want to restrict a machine(any server) from which any user
cannot send any mail  whether within the Lan or outside Lan and also
whether it is possible to restrict any particular user from sending
the mail from any machine.

I have configure squirrelmail for Imap.The code for squirremail in
httpd.conf is like this

Directory "/usr/share/squirrelmail">
   Options Indexes MultiViews
   AllowOverride None
   Order allow,deny
   Allow from all

I can access the squirrelmail from Lan and from outside also.But I
want is that if somebody type for accessing squirrelmail ,the apache
should itself redirect the http: to https means the url should become

Is it possible for squirrelmail.

I am using dovecot as pop server.

Today I am at home so i don't have the postfix configuration
file(main.conf),but if somebody needs that I can mail it tomorrow.

Thanks in Advance

Thanks & Regards


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