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Re: Does Disk Druid erase current partition?

Sam Johnson wrote:
I also now need to repartition my hard disk and was wondering what the included partitioner would do to my existing Windows installation.

Disk Druid won't erase a partition unless you tell it to. If you want to split the existing partition then the installer (Disk Druid or fdisk) will not do this without losing all the data.

I believe gnu parted will do it but that's not for the faint hearted.

If you want to just re-use some other partitions then you can with some

1. Disk Druid has the tendency to re-arrange partitions without telling
you. I *never* use disk druid except for labelling existing partitions.

2. It is possible to use fdisk and rearrange partitions. You'll lose
data on any partitions you change of course. You also stand a good
chance of losing the whole disk if you make a mistake...

3. If the disk was originally partitioned using any microsoft tools you
might also have problems. I make a habit of partitioning with the linux
fdisk tool, even for windows partitions on dual boot machines.

If in doubt - install another physical disk and/or make a backup!

Hope that helps.

Sam Johnson

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