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Re: Does Disk Druid erase current partition?

On Sunday 10 April 2005 06:41, Matthew Rex wrote:
> Sam Johnson wrote:
> > I also now need to repartition my hard disk and was wondering what the
> > included partitioner would do to my existing Windows installation.
> Disk Druid won't erase a partition unless you tell it to. If you want to
> split the existing partition then the installer (Disk Druid or fdisk)
> will not do this without losing all the data.
> I believe gnu parted will do it but that's not for the faint hearted.
> If you want to just re-use some other partitions then you can with some
> caveats:
> 1. Disk Druid has the tendency to re-arrange partitions without telling
> you. I *never* use disk druid except for labelling existing partitions.

DD only re-arranges partitions if used in automatic mode, not in manual mode.

> 2. It is possible to use fdisk and rearrange partitions. You'll lose
> data on any partitions you change of course. You also stand a good
> chance of losing the whole disk if you make a mistake...
> 3. If the disk was originally partitioned using any microsoft tools you
> might also have problems. I make a habit of partitioning with the linux
> fdisk tool, even for windows partitions on dual boot machines.
> If in doubt - install another physical disk and/or make a backup!

ALLWAYS make a backup.  You never know if the power will go out or hit a power 
surge during the partitioning.  
> Hope that helps.
> Matt.
> > Thanks,
> > --
> > Sam Johnson

What I do when I want to re-partition a drive.  I have two drives in the box 
so this may only work in part for you.  The second drive is only for saving 
partitions/folders/files I don't want to lose, including personal settings.  

Everything I want to save gets copied to the partition on the second drive.  
You could accomplish the same thing with a CD, DVD or some other storage 
device.  I then disconnect the 2nd drive so it can't get damaged (both data & 

Then it's safe to re-partition using Disk Druid in manual mode.  If I make a 
mistake partitioning, I can always go back and do it again knowing that the 
data can be reloaded from the storage device.  

You might want to ensure you have a separate /home/user partition so you can 
leave it unformatted during install/upgrade to retain your personal 
configuration after the new install.

My way, Your mileage may vary!  Have fun
Tom Taylor
registered linux #263467

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