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Re: FC3 and Matrox G100

Mírian Bruckschen wrote:
On Apr 10, 2005 2:30 AM, Mírian Bruckschen wrote:

Actually, didn't work in any way, and I guess he'll use another
distribution, since it seems to work there (on a modified Debian
system). Anyway, is anybody has any experience installing and using
FC3 with this card, we'd be happy to hear.

Well, _now_ it worked. :)

What he did was installing FC3 using another video card borrowed from
a friend and after it copying his XFree86Config file (from a Debian
system, where his actual card worked perfectly) to the new xorg config
file, on Fedora. Then, everything worked out. :)

Thanks for the help,

Since there was a lot of trouble involved in getting his card to work, the Debian config file worked where the Fedora config did not work, against system-config-display. This *might* get the configuration program for X to work on te next go-around. Submitting the working config and the non-working config should be valuable to fixing the bug.

It's great that he now has it working with the config from another distro.


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