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Re: remove language packs

Scott wrote:

Claude Jones wrote:

During my Linux apprenticeship, I have followed the advice in The Linux Bible and have done 'Everything' installs. I am ready to start deleting packages now that I know more, and would like to start with the huge collection of language packs, the il8n's, which take up a huge amount of the upgrade time and are not at all used by me. Is there a simple way to revert to an English only installation, or do I have to delete these one by one? I was trying yum remove on these, and I'm not even sure it worked, so, question 2 is, is yum remove the best way to do this?


Yum remove will work fine, if you know the package name you want to remove, but it is a little faster to use rpm
instead, mostly because the is no need to contact repos or download the repo info files etc.

In the newer OOo1.9.8xxx each language is seperate and you can see which you have by goimg to a shell and typing:

rpm -qa | grep langpack

then delete them by typing:

rpm -e (list of packages from previous step)

in older OOo versions there is only one language file. I have forgotten the name of it, but if you type in a terminal:

rpm -qa | grep openoffice

you should get a list of 2 or 3 packages and it should be easy to see which is the one for languages. Since english is default, it is built in to the base package, no extra language pack is required

P.S. if you do use the newer OOo and have all of those language packs it would be easier to use the regular expression in yum to remove them (i.e. yum remove *langpack) rpm disallows regular expressions iirc

Hmmm... That first command didn't work. It yielded no results. But then I tried: "rpm -qa | grep kde-i18n-"
And that got me the whole list.
"rpm -e [the list]" got rid of them.

Claude Jones
Bluemont, VA, USA

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