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Re: FC3 cd1 missing file ?

TMM3 wrote:
When I insert disk 1 it asks me if I would like to perform a check. I
say "ok" and at 94% the check stops for a moment then indicates that the
result is: FAIL.

94% might indicate really defective discs. I believe the error that effects most lets the disc check go the full round and only involves a lack in features in the 2.6 kernel vs. the older 2.4 way of doing things.
Anyway, read the next item below.

Im sorry I do not know what you mean by "md5sum. I also do not know
what "linux ide=nodma" is. I do not know how to 'repair' an ISO file
using bittorrent.

mdsum is a file that is available in the same directory that the iso files are in, located on a server that you get your iso files from.

To verify the integrity of the downloaded discs in the directory where you downloaded the iso files. run the below in Linux. If you are running another operating system try googling for md5sum for "whatever OS"
md5sum -c MD5SUM
After the program runs and checks the isos against the values in the MD5SUM file, it will output the discs that were not found, what discs checked out OK and what discs did not check out correctly.
If the discs that you did download are said to be OK, it should be possible to burn the discs knowing the downloaded files are correct according to the md5sum.

linux ide=nodma
are commands passed onto the installer when you get the first screen, you would type linux ide=nodma at this prompt. This changes the mode that your disk and DVD/CDROMs are run in. This line might be needed to remove from your bootloader information to get your discs back to normal operation after the install.

Bittorrent is a program that users swarm together to share portions of files that you have downloaded with others. After you download portions of the isos, they are uploaded to others in the swarm. The program also has the capability to fill in the portions of isos that were not successfully downoladed and fixing the files. The program downloads the files in chunks and reconstructs the files, verifying the iso file integrity and patching broken files.
The Duke University has a bittorent url which will allow you to join the swarm. You also need to have bittorrent program installed to be able to start the swarm. There are other programs that allow you to transfer files through the bittorent links, but all I remember is one starts with an "a"

If the files fail the md5sum, downloading them again would be alright, though learning how to use bittorrent would be something that would be valuable.


Thank you for your reply and I would be happy if you could help me

Thank you again -Tom

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