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Re: postfix and squirrelmail with sasldb2

On 4/10/05, Alexander Dalloz <ad+lists uni-x org> wrote:
> Am So, den 10.04.2005 schrieb Ankush Grover um 13:03:
> >  I want to configure postfix.I have 2 catch all mailboxes with 2 different
> > ISPs.I want to configure postfix in such a way that it should be able
> > to handle mails for
> > both the domains like nextegen.com and sunupdelhi.net.Now the problem is that
> > both the accounts require authentication with the ISP's mail server.
> >
> > I have configure postfix with smtp_sasl_auth_enable and other
> > configurations are also done for one account.But I am not too sure how
> > to handle the second account.
> >
> > Suppose there is a user john having mail account on the local mail
> > server.Whenever he
> > sends the mails to the outside world the local mailserver should
> > contact or authenticate to the ISP's mail server to send the mail
> > doing so  prevents the mail accounts going into the spam list. Now the
> > problem is that how to handle the 2 accounts as both requires
> > authentication.
> Postfix hasn't this capability. Either use Sendmail or Exim.


thanks for the earlier reply ,but now I am facing some other problem.I
have configured local postfix mail server to authenticate the ISP's
mail server for sending mails.This time I am testing for only one
account But when i tested it  the ISP mailserver rejected my mail
saying the relaying is not allowed and IP address may be forged.I am
attaching my main.cf with this email.Please have a look at it and tell
me what wrong I am doing and how to rectify it.I am using sasldb2 and 
i have added some users in sasldb2 like john and john is trying to
send the mail.

I am using virtual domains ,i have created users on the mail server
and i want to test the mail server by sending  some mails to some
other accounts like ankush174 gmail com but the ISP mail server is not
allowing that.

The entry for the sasl_passwd is    mail xxxxxx :password(this is a
catchall mailbox).

This is first time I am configuring any mail server so i need some
help from folks like you.

Thanks & Regards


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