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version numbers and other Qs about the gui update tool

Just did an update via the gui notification tool.

The update tool now tells me I'm running kernel-2.6.10-1.9_FC2 and the
latest is -2.6.10-1.771_FC2 . So, I can assume .771 is greater than .9
in the version numbering, right?

I did kernel and userland at the same time. I'm thinking that's a no-no,
but I'm not sure which should go first, kernel or userland. Does it
matter when doing a binary update?

It'd been a while, so it slammed /var. df showed 99% until I
did yum clean all from the command line. Now it's down to 57% (over 1GB),
and the root partition's /lib has leftovers from about seven updates, so
I'm going to have to read the FAQ about how to clean out old kernels and
their libraries and other leftovers from updates. 

Can anybody point me to the FAQ on these questions?

Joel Rees   <rees ddcom co jp>
digitcom, inc.   株式会社デジコム
Kobe, Japan   +81-78-672-8800
** <http://www.ddcom.co.jp> **

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