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Re: retrieving a directory

Hi paul,
I did this mistake when I was creating my backup. because I have no enough memory I was triing to copy my directory to another hard disk. but i deleted all.
And unfortunately the data is on ext3. but I stoped all apllication runing in this computer . I'm writing you email from another pc.

Paul Howarth <paul city-fan org> wrote:
BZ Benny wrote:
> I all,
> I deleted my project directory from the trash by error. I have no backup!!
> I want to get back my work is there a way to do this?

Hopefully this teaches you (a) the importance of having backups, and (b)
to be more careful when you're deleting things.

If you want help undeleting files then you'll need to say what sort of
filesystem the data is on. Files on ext2 partitions can be recovered
relatively easily, not so for ext3.

I trust you aren't using the same system for email that the deleted
files are on? Each write to a disk on that system is potentially
corrupting the files you're trying to recover.


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