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Re: fetchmail issue

> hey Friends,
>  I am a catchall mailbox and I am configuring postfix with fetchmail
> to download the mails from the ISP mail box account to the local mail
> server.But the problem I am facing is that the mails are getting
> downloaded but are going to the postmaster(the person who is receiving
> the root's mail) rather than to the real user.
> Can anybody guide me how to do this ,I am attaching my .fetchmailrc
> with this email.Please have a look at that file and advice me.
> Thanks & Regards
> Ankush
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see mine, this is working:

poll [yourmailserver] proto [imap/pop3]
user ["username"] is  [yourlocaluser] here
password ["userspassword"]

the "" in username and password are mandatory! Btw. remove the * with the realmailboxname, that should get the mail -
even if it is catchall.


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