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Re: avoiding mail loops in fetchmail

Am Mo, den 11.04.2005 schrieb Ankush Grover um 13:57:

> My fetchmail configuration file
> poll mailserver  localdomains domainname
> user " "  with pass " " to * here flush
> I am having catchall mailbox (multidrop mailbox) what happens is that
> when there is mails for 2 or more users in the catchall box the mail
> recieved by the user is 2 or more means if there are 4 mails then each
> user will get 4 mails .I want to avoid mail loops.I have posted my
> fetchmailrc above .Please have a look at it and tell me how to avoid
> loops.

> Ankush

Did you read the serious warnings and comments about "multidrop" in the
fetchmail documentation? If the provider does not support it you have no
chance to use that feature properly.


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