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Re: avoiding mail loops in fetchmail

On 4/11/05, Paul Howarth <paul city-fan org> wrote:
> Ankush Grover wrote:
> > My fetchmail configuration file
> > poll mailserver  localdomains domainname
> > user " "  with pass " " to * here flush
> >
> > I am having catchall mailbox (multidrop mailbox) what happens is that
> > when there is mails for 2 or more users in the catchall box the mail
> > recieved by the user is 2 or more means if there are 4 mails then each
> > user will get 4 mails .I want to avoid mail loops.I have posted my
> > fetchmailrc above .Please have a look at it and tell me how to avoid
> > loops.
> >
> > I am using catchall for many users in my office and so I want to send
> > the mails from the catchall mailbox to the respective users.
> How does fetchmail know who to deliver the mail to?
> Are you aware of the well-known issues regarding using multidrop
> mailboxes like this with fetchmail (see the fetchmail man page)?
> Basically, unless your MTA adds a suitable header (e.g. Delivered-To:)
> to indicate the actual recipient of the email, or there is one already
> there (e.g. a To: or Cc: header), it won't work.

the mail is going to proper user it the mail is To/CC but not bcc.The
exact problem I am having is that the mails even send to To/Cc are
going to all the users.Suppor there is a single mail going to john and
marry then john and marry will receive 2 copies of that mail whereas
they should receive only 1 mail each.

Is there any other utility or program  through which i can download
the mails for users from the catchall mailbox without any issues or

Thanks & Regards


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