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Re: FC3 install - GUI display size

Pete said:
> If you hold down the ALT while pressing the left mouse
> button anywhere in the window, you can move the window
> so that you can get both to the resize icons at the
> top left, as well as to the bottom where your rsponse
> buttons are. In this way you should be able to get
> through the inroductory stuff, move over to the
> display setting, get that changed correctly, and
> reboot to continue your setup in comfort.

Thanks, but that didn't do it.  Alt + left mouse will drag a window around
the display, but this problem was that the whole display was wrong.  What
it looked like was that instead of trying to be in 800x600 mode, the
server was trying to go to 600x800.

However, I was able to get it fixed.  I killed the X server (Ctrl + Alt +
Backspace), and this let the system finish booting.  Once the GUI login
appeared (still with the invalid display settings) I switched to the
console (Ctrl + Alt + F1), logged in as root, and edited the X config
screen settings by hand (the Hsync and Vsync values were wrong).  On
rebooting, the machine came up with a valid display and I was able to
finish the setup properly.

Now I just need to get my wireless network card working and I'll be all set.

Thanks for the response.

Dwight N. Tovey
email: dwight dtovey net
web: http://www.dtovey.net/~dwight
It's so simple to be wise.  Just think of something stupid to say and then
don't say it.

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