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Re: NFS custom tree install...

On Mon, Apr 11, 2005 at 05:08:38PM +0200, Trey Blancher (ectospasm) wrote:
> The problem comes with this:  I need to install Psi (a Jabber client), on
> all of these new FC3 boxes. The Psi rpm is in the extras folder of the
> main repository. I'd like to install Psi and its dependencies when I
> install FC3, as part of the local NFS install tree. I can copy the files
> to the tree with no problems, but the installer can't see them. I've tried
> using getnotincomps.py (from comps-extras, edited to match my install tree
> path) to let anaconda see them, but it gives me the following error:

You need to do:

export PYTHONPATH=/usr/lib/anaconda
/usr/lib/anaconda-runtime/genhdlist /path/to/tree/i386 --withnumbers
/usr/lib/anaconda-runtime/pkgorder /path/to/tree/i386 i386 Fedora >
/usr/lib/anaconda-runtime/genhdlist /path/to/tree/i386 --withnumbers \

(Um, or maybe that's /path/to/tree/i386/os -- I can't remember if that's
required for the FC structre, offhand.)


> I've even tried adding yum install commands to the %post section of the
> kickstart file, and none of those worked. All the other %post commands
> have worked.

For your case, I think the yum install commands are the better approach. I'd
try and figure out why they're not working.

Matthew Miller           mattdm mattdm org        <http://www.mattdm.org/>
Boston University Linux      ------>                <http://linux.bu.edu/>

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