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RE: Help Needed configuring Samba on Webserver

> > I really hate to be daft here, but I am still not understanding
> > something:
> >
> > I want samba to accept the password that is supplied as part of the
> > connection from windows,  when it does this, it should check against
> > password server (the domain controller) instead of the smbpasswd
> > can someone point me in the right direction.  I agree with the one
> > respondent that said that from a security standpoint it is very bad
> > practice to have each user give me their network password to enter
> > the smbpasswd file, but I haven't been able to get samba to
> > against the domain, instead of the smbpasswd, so right now that's
> > only recourse I have
> ----
> samba has a lot of documentation - well done - probably the best of
> open source projects
> http://us2.samba.org/samba/docs/
> has links to both the 'How-To' and the 'by Example'
> >From what you have stated above, I am gathering that you should have
> security = domain and winbindd set up but I didn't follow the thread
> from the start.
> Best to work this through so you get an understanding of it.
> Craig
[Tim Holmes wrote] 
Craig and others:

Excellent suggestion, and I am currently working this through. I am
using the guide in the samba-HOW-TO document, in the fast start segment,
to set up a domain member server, as this describes precisely what I am
looking for.  I have copied in the suggested smb.conf (thankfully I have
a spare server that is serving as a testbed), modified it slightly to
fit our domain (our domain name, proper netbios name, removing the
shares that don't apply etc)  now I am trying to get things running.  

I executed the net rpc join command supplying the proper credentials for
our domain, and it successfully joined the domain

I started nmbd, and smbd, but when ever I try to start windbindd, I get
an error that the command is not found.  I am guessing that it means
that the windbind daemon is not installed, but im not sure as I may be
missing another concept someplace else -- can someone please point me in
the right direction.


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