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Giving limited access to remote FTP user via vsftpd

Hello Group, 

We just made the big change over to Linux!!! I have FC3 and I cannot find any help in taking care of a problem. 

I need to give access to a remote user via FTP using vsftpd. I need to make sure he needs to log on using a username and password. I also want to limit him to only having access to his files that he needs to update his web site only. 

I gone to the vsftpd.conf file and have set it up to not allow anonymous login's. I have also turned on vsftpd and built him as a user but when he FTP's in he is at his home directory I just want to log in and be at his web site files. I just cannot put together what I need and I am sure there have to be a way. Thanks in advance for your help 


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