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Re: intelligent iptables gui's

On Monday 11 April 2005 12:37, Pedro Macedo wrote:
>Em Seg, 2005-04-11 às 10:32 -0300, Vinicius escreveu:
>> Gene Heskett escreveu:
>> > As I also have an external router, a linksys BESFR41, I'd
>> > probably have to setup something in it also, and that seems
>> > fairly clear, but I've never been able to get a torrent going
>> > through it.  My iptables rules ATM are fairly bulletptoof, (you
>> > cannot see me from the internet other than a closed identd port)
>> > so my question is this:
>> I don't know, but this is my iptables' rule:
>> "
>> $ iptables -I RH-Firewall-1-INPUT X -p tcp --dport 6881:6999 -j
>> ACCEPT $ service iptables save
>> "
>> where X is an appropriate position inside your iptables' rules. If
>> I did do "iptables -A ..." instead, the rule did not work, because
>> the previous rule is "iptables -j REJECT --reject-with
>> icmp-host-prohibited" (it will reject everything).
>I would suggest two things: get a client that uses only one port (or
>configure your client to use a smaller port range - the first option
> is the best one) and try to avoid the 6881-6999 range. Some ISPs
> are throtling ports in these range , trying to control the
> bittorrent usage, which in turn means longer download times...

I didn't know that, thanks. See my other post a few seconds ago, 
showing a tracker startup failure.  Comment if you can.

>> I can do a NAT rule on my modem to translate these ports, the rule
>> is called RDR. Ask to Linksys how to do this. You can search the
>> Linksys knowledge base about this, too.
>As for the linksys router , it's easy.. go to the admin interface
>(usually it's on if you kept the default settings) , no
>user , password "admin" . Then go to advanced setup , port
> forwarding... In the bottom of the page , there's a button that
> takes you to the port range forwarding (the initial page is only
> for single ports). There you can the forwarding of the range , the
> protocol and the destination machine (I'm just not sure if
> forwarding works with DHCP... in my setup , all machines have
> static ips...)

Humm, mine (BEFSR41) shows only ranges on the base page of port 
forwarding.  ISTR I did see one where it only took single ports.  
Looked to be a bit limiting TBT.

>Pedro Macedo

Cheers, Gene
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