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Strange nfs problem

I have a customer with a rather strange NFS problem that I'm just plain
stmped on and I'm hoping that someone might have some enlightening ideas.

Assume the following small network diagram:

         OEM System (a)
           /    \
          /      \
         /        \
        /          \
    Fedora		RedHat
    Core 2           9
     (b)		  (c)

The following NFS scenarios are currently working:

	NFS Servers are running on B and C.

	File on C, read from A
	Write from A to either B or C
	Read and write between B and C.
	File on B, read from A is causing problems.	

The goal is to run software on A from an NFS mounted filesystem on B.

When that transfer is attempted the following has been seen
    - The command line hangs and will unlock at the unexport of the NFS
    - The data transfer always results in a file that is exactly 44KB in
      Size (45056 bytes)
    - Smaller files transfer just fine.
    - Files larger than 44KB transfer file; only if they are larger than
      some (unknown) upper limit do they block after 44KB.  
    - Files are 120KB sometimes work, and sometimes block.

Does anyone know what might cause this?

Paul C.

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