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Re: Where is Linux Source Directory?

Alexander Dalloz wrote:

Am Mo, den 11.04.2005 schrieb jludwig um 0:07:

I'm trying to set up wlan-ng on FC3 when I run make config it can't find
the kernal source code at the default location and so gives an error
message. I've tried whereis linux at /. and it gives usr/include/linux,
so I've tried entering this in the make config dialogue but still get
the same error. Can anyone shed any light on this?

All sourcees are in /usr/src/***

Not quite.

John H Ludwig

Geoff, please read the FC3 release notes. All you should need to building a kernel module your own you can find below




Thanks Alexander. I've just had a look at the release notes and am currently downloading :


I obviously need to unpackage it will I need explode the tree as well?



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