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Re: My /dev/pilot goes away every time I reboot.

On Monday, Apr 11th 2005 at 11:57 -0600, quoth kevin kempter dataintellect com:

=>On Monday 11 April 2005 11:47, Steven W. Orr wrote:
=>> Is there a better solution than to recreate the device in rc.local?
=>Create the following files:
=> /etc/udev/rules.d/10-visor.rules with this content:
=>BUS="usb", SYSFS{product}="Palm Handheld*", KERNEL="ttyUSB*", SYMLINK="pilot"
=>/etc/udev/permissions.d/10-visor.permissions with this content:
=>For more info, look at this site:

Mea culpa. I forgot to 'splain myself: I am not running a palm off of a 
USB port. I am running a palm that syncs off of a serial port. In this 
case it's /dev/ttyS0 and the problem is that every time I reboot the 
computer, the link /dev/pilot which points to /dev/ttyS0 goes away. Also, 
the permissions get reset. So in the meantime I added this to my rc.local:

ln -s /dev/ttyS0 /dev/pilot
chmod 666 /dev/ttyS0

Is there a better way or is this as good as it gets?

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