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Re: Installing VNC Without X

Peter Hutnick wrote:
On Apr 11, 2005 1:02 PM, Peter Hutnick <hutnick gmail com> wrote:


I have a FC3 system with VNC server installed, but without X. Doesn't work.

Oops. Opening the port helps. But for some reason every time I do
"service iptables restart" it says "Unloading iptables moduels [FAILED]".

I don't mind installing X, but it seems . . . difficult to do it after
the fact.  The dependencies on the RPMs don't seem helpful.  Noteably:

  # rpm -ivh xinitrc-4.0.14-1.noarch.rpm
  error: Failed dependencies:
          /usr/X11R6/bin/sessreg is needed by xinitrc-4.0.14-1.noarch
          /usr/X11R6/bin/xsetroot is needed by xinitrc-4.0.14-1.noarch
          which is needed by xinitrc-4.0.14-1.noarch

I don't seem to have a package called "" :-)

I'd still like to know why this is.

Well, first off, the last line is looking for the "which" program ("/usr/bin/which").

Second, if you don't have X, why install VNC server?  VNC server's sole
purpose is to export an X desktop so that a VNC client can see it.  No
X, no reason to share a desktop (which doesn't exist without X anyway).

Just sticking my oar in here.  I'll go away now.
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