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Re: CD hiss: how get rid of?

Douglas Frank wrote:
Hi all,

Much as I hate to admit it, music CD's sound a lot better on the Windows
box than on my FC3 workstation using kscd.  The problem is a high-
frequency hiss that I can't control.  Does anyone know the trick of
dolbying the hiss into silence?  (Of course I could just turn the sound
up, or limit myself to ZZ Top...)

As this is on a different box, it could be hardware related. It could be as simple as a poorer sound card.

Read an article last week about having the sound card next to the Graphics Card and picking up noise. As others have said, look at the settings on the mixer.

My wife complained about hiss on our workstation and it turned out that the mixer was turned down and the volume on the speakers was cranked up. Increased the mixer settings and lowered the speaker volume, noise gone.

Robin Laing

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