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Re: wireless

Joel Jaeggli wrote:

On Mon, 11 Apr 2005, Yuandan Zhang wrote:


Joel Jaeggli wrote:

On Sun, 10 Apr 2005, bulent acikgoz wrote:

Hello friends,
I have HP nx9105 nootebook. I have Broadcom Corporation BCM4306
802.11b/g Wireless LAN Controller. But I didn't work wireless.
Is there any friends succesfull wireless this box???????
thank you.....

broadcom can only be coaxed into working with ndis wrapper or linuxant driverloader...

Could you be more sepicific? I get HP nx5000, I guess the same wireless device, don't know how to make it work?



Bulent Acikgoz

Adress: ODTU MM Binasi No:320 Balgat/Ankara/TURKEY
Work   :+903122103810

I tried ndiswrapper. It works, but i had an IRQ conflict, and i'm not sure if irqpoll kernel param introduced some instability. In short, it works, but i'm trying to resolve some instability that i've noticed shortly afterwards. Not sure if it's because of wireless or not.

Kolay gelsin, kardeÅ... Ses kartÄyla, Ãubuksuz aynÄ karttaymÄÅ. IRQ meselesi ondan ÃÄkmÄÅ olabilir.

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