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Re: Sendmail- Is this correct.?

> [...]
> Paul, I have read this section at the tutorial site,
> You can have your host masquerade as another by using this macro:
>         MASQUERADE_AS(`host.domain')
> Masquerading is a very important part of a client/server mail hub 
> configuration. Any machine configured like this will rewrite the SMTP 
> From: header of all outbound mail to look like the message came from the 
> address you're masquerading as. This address /must/ be an address record 
> in DNS, not simply a CNAME, or the remote end will canonicalize the 
> address back to the original name.
> and was wondering, as it's a requirement to have the address in a DNS 
> record, does this have to be a registered domain name, as we don't have 
> 1.

It works better that way.

Have you considered dynamic DNS?

> If no, then I can just masquerade as anyone(not that I really want 
> to)..?

Well, it's usually best to masquerade as yourself.

> Our router is our DNS, so we would have to add this record to it, 
> yes..? 

Not necessarily.

What brand/model router is it?

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