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Re: Loading bttv module at boot?

Check the man page for : mkinitrd

I replace the standard initrd file whenever a new kernel comes 
out for two reasons. The first is that i have an nVidia video 
card, and I want to use the binary driver, and the second is to 
automatically load the BTTV module at boot.

I can't remember for sure because I wrote a shell script to 
rebuild everything, but if I remember correctly you add : 


to the mkinitrd command line.

There may be another way, but that way works for sure, and ensures 
that if you have a usb web cam, it doesn't take /dev/video0. ;-)

Good luck

On Tue, 2005-12-04 at 01:44 -0600, kwhiskers wrote:
> Another idea. 
> I'm not busting my head over this anymore. Don't have any great ideas
> anyway. Sorry. Need input from others.
> But: Why don't you post the entire dmesg output listing, not the one
> you get after modprobe, but what you get when you first turn your
> computer on and the card doesn't load, as you say. There should be
> some funny message there, like where it tries to load and then
> doesn't, or something. The card is on a pci slot and whether the
> device is created by udev or not, there must be some kind of system
> acknowledgement of it's presence. Maybe there's a clue in the listing?
> On Apr 12, 2005 1:35 AM, kwhiskers <kwhiskers gmail com> wrote:

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