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RE: update command for xinetd


the app i'm using is for fedora. i'm trying to install an app called GForge.
part of the installation uses viewcvs, with subversion. i already have
subversion/svn running on the box... now, i'm looking at tying everything
together. some of the installation process is specific to the debian
flavor... so i'm trying to figure out what has to be changed, and how to
change it...

hopefully, if i get this finished.. it'll save some pain/agrevation to
someone else...

if you know of a gforge/viewcvs/svn combination for fedora, i'd like to know
where it is!!


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From: Paul Howarth [mailto:paul city-fan org]
Sent: Tuesday, April 12, 2005 8:12 AM
To: bedouglas earthlink net
Subject: Re: update command for xinetd

bruce wrote:
> ps...
> here's the script i'm reviewing...

Scrap it altogether and use the subversion package that comes with
Fedora. Then you don't need to mess about with scripts.

Please send questions and followups to the list, not to me directly.
That way you can get responses from more people.

> i tried to use 'chkconfig' in place of 'update-inetd' with no luck....

I never said it was a drop-in replacement. You said you were looking for
something similar.

Cheers, Paul.

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