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Re: Help Needed in several areas -- FTP

Am Di, den 12.04.2005 schrieb Kevin Fries um 16:44:

> The correct tool for this job is WebDAV.  It is an extension to apache;
> uses apache style security; and is automatically built into those
> Windows clients.  WebDAV was designed to solve one problem, and only one
> problem... Webpage file update.
> Since you are already using Apache to serve those web pages, it seems
> silly to then use a different tool (either FTP or samba) to then update
> the files.  Both your Frontpage and your Dreamweaver should support
> WebDAV right out of the box.  Windows machines should also be able to
> map drive letters to it if you want.
> You will be doing your students a bigger service in making them realize
> that there are lots of tools out there to get a job done.  And, well
> designed tools allow you to do your job, while hiding the ugliness.
> While SAMBA does an OK job of this, and FTP does a good job of this, the
> truly correct tool for the job is DAV.  The greatest testimony of this
> is that I would be giving you the same advice if you had a Windows
> server.  That is ubiquitous computing.

> Kevin Fries

I second this. WebDAV - though it comes originally from Microsoft - is a
great technology. It is not only the choice for LANs but too a good
exchange for connections to public servers, especially when using WebDAV
through HTTPS.
(Avoiding to speak about these cruel Frontpage Extensions *shrug*.)


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