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RE: Help Needed in several areas -- FTP

The problem with webdav is that most ISP/Hosting servers that I have
come in contact with use FTP, and not webdav.  I am gearing the 8th
grade class using front page to those who would be building casual
webpages etc, and the 9th grade and upper classes using dreamweaver to
those who would be working in a design environment using network shares

However, I do want to get webdav working so that I can offer the Mozilla
calendar to our faculty and staff, but the docs that I have found on
mozilla and other places are not clear on how to set it up or how to use
it -- if anyone can enlighten me I would appreciate it


Tim Holmes
IT Manager / Webmaster
Medina Christian Academy
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> Am Di, den 12.04.2005 schrieb Kevin Fries um 16:44:
> > The correct tool for this job is WebDAV.  It is an extension to
> > uses apache style security; and is automatically built into those
> > Windows clients.  WebDAV was designed to solve one problem, and only
> > problem... Webpage file update.
> >
> > Since you are already using Apache to serve those web pages, it
> > silly to then use a different tool (either FTP or samba) to then
> > the files.  Both your Frontpage and your Dreamweaver should support
> > WebDAV right out of the box.  Windows machines should also be able
> > map drive letters to it if you want.
> >
> > You will be doing your students a bigger service in making them
> > that there are lots of tools out there to get a job done.  And, well
> > designed tools allow you to do your job, while hiding the ugliness.
> > While SAMBA does an OK job of this, and FTP does a good job of this,
> > truly correct tool for the job is DAV.  The greatest testimony of
> > is that I would be giving you the same advice if you had a Windows
> > server.  That is ubiquitous computing.
> > Kevin Fries
> I second this. WebDAV - though it comes originally from Microsoft - is
> great technology. It is not only the choice for LANs but too a good
> exchange for connections to public servers, especially when using
> through HTTPS.
> (Avoiding to speak about these cruel Frontpage Extensions *shrug*.)
> Alexander
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