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RE: Upgrade vs Reinstall

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    I've upgraded from RH9->FC1->FC2->FC3 from the CDs.  The only 
problem I've had each time is getting APT / SYNAPTIC upgraded to the new 
repositories.  When I initially bring up synaptic, it complains of 
multiple duplicate packages, and it takes a few cycles to get everything 
cleaned up.  Also, I find that while I can download the necessary RPMs 
to update apt itself to the new release, they can't be installed from 
apt (bootstrap problems?) so I then have to go into the apt cache folder 
and install the apt RPMs manually.  I've never tried upgrading using 
apt-get, but maybe I'll try that out when FC4 is released.  Problem is 
while that should upgrade existing packages I'm not sure what it'll do 
with any new packages that are in the new release.  At least if I have 
the CDs I have a base-level that I can work from.
Gordon Keehn


If I'm not mistaken, the one major flaw in upgrading is that, while everything you have installed is upgraded to the levels in the new distribution, you miss out on anything / everything that is new to the distribution. So a neat new package that didn't exist in FC2 or before, that is now included in FC3 by default, won't show up on your system during the upgrade. 

I had upgraded beginning with RH 7.3, through 8 and 9, then to FC1. Then I started noticing people talking about "program such and such", and I didn't have it. It would seem that, other than hand installing a bunch of stuff after upgrading, there's no simple way to pick up anything "new" from distribution to distribution.

(Please, someone; Prove me wrong...)

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