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Re: Upgrade vs Reinstall

Nix, Robert P. wrote:

If I'm not mistaken, the one major flaw in upgrading is that, while everything you have installed is upgraded to the levels in the new distribution, you miss out on anything / everything that is new to the distribution. So a neat new package that didn't exist in FC2 or before, that is now included in FC3 by default, won't show up on your system during the upgrade.

I had upgraded beginning with RH 7.3, through 8 and 9, then to FC1. Then I started noticing people talking about "program such and such", and I didn't have it. It would seem that, other than hand installing a bunch of stuff after upgrading, there's no simple way to pick up anything "new" from distribution to distribution.

(Please, someone; Prove me wrong...)

If you know the package your missing 'yum install X', or whichever package manager you use ...
features like udev etc should be put on by default, as it as an integral change to the OS - so, you don't miss out completely ..



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