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Re: LVM partitions on ax external USB HD


On Tuesday 12 April 2005 1:22 am, Antonio Montagnani wrote:
> Rick Wagner ha scritto / wrote  il / on 12/04/2005 00:53:
> >On Sunday 10 April 2005 2:34 am, Antonio Montagnani wrote:
> >>I tried to install Fedora on an external USB HD.
> >>Of course booting from it didn't work.
> >>On the disk there are an ext3 partition /boot and a LVM partition
> >>If I connect the HD to a PC as USB device it is correctly mounted but I
> >>see only the ext3 partition.
> >>How can I see also the LVM???
> >
> >Since no one else has answered, I'll take a stab.  I have used LVM on
> > several permanent hard drives, but never on removables.  However I think
> > what your looking to do is a udev script.  Check out the information on
> > udev.  Also look for hotplug.
> >
> >What you'll want your script to do is upon detecting the plugging of your
> > USB drive, it will want to scan (vgscan/lvscan) the drive for LVM
> > volumes, then activate the volume (vgchange/lvchange --available=yes).
> >
> >I'm not sure what you want to do for unplugging.  I expect that you'll
> > need a script to flush then deactivate the volumes prior to pulling the
> > plug on the drive.
> >
> >As I said, I don't know much about hotplug and udev, but this may give you
> >some additional search hints.
> >
> >	--rick
> Rick,
> Tnx for you reply.
> There are two separate issues:
> 1) how to manage a LVM partitioned removable device (USB hard disk, key
> etc.): does it make any sense to have them partitioned as LVM??

As far as LVM, it really depends upon your needs.  If you don't forsee 
changing the sizes of your file systems, then probably no.

> 2) how to install Fedora on a removable device (USB hard disk, for
> example) and boot off it (with Grub installed on it, in order to have a
> removable Fedora installation for every occasion)

John has offered information on this, so I can't help here.  It would of 
course depend upon your host supporting boots from USB devices.  It has been 
done, and I assume thats what John's document covers.

> I have not enough skill to solve them. Any idea??
> --
> Antonio M.

Post your progress, and let us know how it goes.

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