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RE: Upgrade vs Reinstall

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    As I recall, when I upgraded from CD I still had the option of 
selecting packages, so I was able to pull in all the great new stuff.  
Of course I never tried deselecting packages (kernel?) that had been 
autoseleceted "just to see what would happen".
Gordon Keehn


You definitely have that option... Now, which packages are the "great new stuff". They aren't specifically identified anywhere during the install, and if you don't know what it is by sight, you aren't likely to select it. The biggest problem is that "I don't know what I don't know."

I wish there were a option that would, during the upgrade, show a list of what has been added. Then you could select things, just as you did during your original install, but with the list greatly restricted. I just want to decide on the new stuff; I don't want to go through the research on all the old stuff that I decided not to include the last time I installed.

(For those that care: This is as close to bottom posting and quoting that I'm probably going to get. If you aren't happy with it... You aren't.) 

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